Wildlife Park and Bio-Greenhouses

Ca’de Figo was born to let you all get back in touch with nature: that’s why it is dipped into the 70 acres of the wild Park.

Waking up early in the morning, when nobody’s around and silence still sounds loud, you could watch squirrels, goats, horses, harts, buffalos, bucks and does freely wander and several birds sing along. That is why this is the perfect place for Birdwatching and Digiscoping.

Besides, here you may be able to check the growing process leading to the production of all the organic fruits and vegetables we provide you with in our agritoursim Ca’de Figo.

Wear a pair of boots and gardening gloves and we will have you discover our greenhouses and orchards where apples, pears, berries and firstlings are grown before reaching our Restaurant.

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