Feel like being in Tuscany

Agriturismo Ca’ de Figo is located in a very green and rural area. Here you can breath real pure air and taste the real relax.

Though frequently called the Tuscany of the North of Italy, our place is in Lombardy and is fairly unknown abroad. Tourists pass the area closely when travelling to the real Tuscany, to Umbria or further south. This is a pity as the area called the oltrepo’ really offers something worthwhile for almost every tourist, especially food and wine lovers.

The area like tuscany offer several attractions: smooth hills, medieval villages and castles, panoramic views, authentic Italian food and local wines. The Oltrepò happens to be the largest wine producing area of Lombardy and one of the largest in Italy, especially of the Pinot Nero. The landscape is scattered with vineyards that are freely accessible for hikers or horseback riding and even for mountain bikers.

The most famous wines are the Bonarda, the barbera and over all the spumante sparkling wine.
Our farmhouse is situated inthe village of Varzi in the the province of Pavia an ancient roman city the old “Ticinum“, at the foothills of the Ligurian Alpes and Apennines.
Our place offer peace and quite, no tourist business has arose here so that people are very happy to host visitors with amazing hospitality everywhere.

Our region is populated by old medioeval borroughs and castles and the life remained like it was thousand of years ago.

However cadefigo offers lots of activities such as horse back riding, swimming pool, soccer pitch and a very nice spa for complete relax and beauty treatments.

One thing not to be missed is the typical Sunday “pranzo” or lunch in which all of the servings of the Italian menu (antipasti, primi, secondi, contorni, dolci) pass by, sometimes even twice. The Varzi salame is a protected product, like the Parmesan cheese.